House Decorating on Budget

Light up Jugs & Jars
This is a simple and adorable way to light up a space. You can find the necessary items, a string of lights and a clear jar or jug, nearly anywhere. My favorite place to find jugs and jars is the thrift store, this is where you will likely find one that is more unique. All you have to do to accomplish this fun look is to put a string of lights, floss or Christmas, in the jar then let it glow. This is a great and fun way to light up an area with little expense.

Hang Plates
This sounds obscure but if done well is so charming. To accomplish this all you have to do is find a smattering of plates-different sizes, patterns, even shapes and hang them on the wall. The only requirement is to make sure that each and every plate complement one another. You can hang these plates above a mantel, on a large empty wall or an entryway. If you search for plates that are unique but inexpensive, I’m talking thrift store here, this look will transform a room with little cost and effort.

Make a Wall Collage
This can be done in so many ways with such little cost. You can find unique picture frames at the thrift store and there are several free printouts on the internet. Your wall collage can include picture of friends and family or simply random printouts. The greatest part about a wall collage is that there really aren’t any guidelines. They can be scattered and random or meaningful and organized, the choice is yours.

Perfect Vanity

Not all bathrooms are created equally. Some and small, some are large and some have things like windows or awkwardly placed interior walls that you need to either remove or work around. Luckily there are a lot of different vanities that come in all shapes and sizes. For instance, there is a pedestal sink that takes up very little room but gets the job done. It is slim and practical and there is even space underneath for little shelves if you’d like to store items. You can even put in two if you want the two sink look but don’t have the room for a huge vanity.

Vanities that incorporate storage are always a great option if you have the room. Now you have somewhere to stash all the extras for the bathroom from towels to shampoo and from toilet paper to the hair dryer. Some have drawers and attached cupboards and some are streamlined and act just to hold the sink so you have a lot of leyway with the design and size depending on your needs and wants.

Vanities can go to the floor or hover above it depending on the style. If you are prone to flooding for example and are doing a bathroom in the basement, a vanity that sits above the floor can mean less headaches if you have a flood since it may not get wet at all. These are more modern, come in a variety of finishes and look quite grand hanging on the wall.

Trash To Treasure Crafts

Convert Old Cans into Kitchen Containers

Many of us leave the empty Paint cans or Oil cans in the back yard. But we can use them for many purposes. Convert them into a Kitchen container by treating them with necessary chemicals which detoxify them. Decorate them with a textured paint and use them to place cutlery and the kitchen related stuff.

Make Planters from empty Water and Wine bottles

As there is a surge in the vertical farming and roof farming activities, make use of the empty bottles to grow plants. Fill them with a fertile soil and suspend them from the roof of the wall. They can act as good plant holders.

Use Old Condiment jars as Toiletry Holders

If you are bored with the existing Condiment jars, then shift them to bathrooms. Before that clean them with water and air out. Plastic Jars can be used as brush stands.

Old Trousers as Wall Storage Units

This one is the most personalized craft. Use an old trouser to create a wall storage unit. Take scissors and shape the trouser into a wall hanger unit where one can store items in pockets of trousers. Nail them to the wall so that it can appear as a wall storage unit.

Tire Crafts

If you don’t find a way to dispose of your car tires, then reuse them but for a different purpose. Feeling Curious!

A Coffee Table can be carved out of old tires. There are many ways to create a coffee table using tires. Here I am going with the simple one.

Step 1- Paint the exposed parts of tires in contrasting colors and allow them to dry.

Step 2- Arrange them vertically in such a way that should hold a plank. Fix the plank by driving screws into the tire.

You can even make a seating option using tires.

Use Old Shoes

Don’t throw away old shoes, instead use them as planters. Colorful flowers can be grown in the colorful Shoe planters. Drill the sole of the shoe to provide the drainage. Apply Acrylic sealer to shoes to protect them from the environmental degradation.

Transform the Old TV Stand

Carve out a Kitchen Cart from an old TV stand, by following these steps.

  1. Check the TV stand for any damages. Repair the worn parts.
  2. If it is a wooden stand, then paint it with a heat-resistant material.
  3. Fix wheels to the legs of the stand and check its functionality.

Install A Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation

Actually, this type of irrigation makes sure that you don’t waste water or your hard-earned money due to spraying too much. If you install the drip irrigation system, your plants will get enough water in order to maintain their health. Therefore, we suggest that you install a good drip irrigation system for efficiency. This system is invisible. Moreover, it reduces the growth of weed and the evaporation of water.

When Should You Use a Drip Irrigation System?

A drip irrigation system is an ideal choice if you want to water your large shrubs, trees, flowerbeds, roses, vegetables and other plants. The reason is that these plants don’t need lots of water.

Aside from this, the system is a great option for areas with lots of wind since the water goes directly to the plants roots. Actually, this solution is a great alternative for areas that don’t get a lot of water. The installation of this system is quite easy. Actually, the installation involves three steps.

Installation of a Drip Irrigation System

The water source

You can use a sprinkler head, an outdoor faucet or a valve with automatic irrigation in order to connect to the source of water. Actually, connecting a faucet located outdoor is better if you want to water small flowerbeds or pot plants. The reason is that this is a quick method of connecting to the water source.

If you have a good underground irrigation system close to the area that you want to water, we suggest that you use a sprinkler head as a water supply source for your drip irrigation system.

Distribution of water

Once you have the water source ready, you can start distributing the water. This will involve laying out a tube network for carrying water to the desired areas. You can use ½ inch of tube for this purpose. For branch lines, you can use ¼ inch pipes. Based on the layout of your garden, you can make a grid pattern with the tube. Alternatively, you can make a customized pattern as well.

Watering the plants

Once you have got everything ready, you can just turn the supply on when required. With time, you will realize the benefits of this system.

The takeaway

Although the process is simple, we suggest that you hire a professional to get it installed properly. Actually, pros know how to get the job done without making costly mistakes. If you are unable to get something done properly, we suggest that you go to a good professional. This will help you avoid costly mistakes and save a good deal of money.