Exposed Brick Wall

Step 1

Protective sheets. As you can imagine removing the plaster from your brick wall is messy work! This is particularly important if you have an old house with the original plaster. Whilst it may seem like a bit of work it is definitely worth using plastic sheets (painting drop sheets are perfect) and taping them to your walls and ceiling to completely seal off the area you’re working in. It is also highly recommended to wear a mask to protect your lungs from the plaster dust, and even eye protection as the dust can easily irritate your eyes.

Step 2

Pretty easy to see what’s next. Simply make a hole the plaster using your brick chisel. This is a good chance to expose a small area of the brick, perhaps somewhere hidden, to see if the quality of the brick underneath is good. Once you’ve created a hole, you can either use the chisel or a small crowbar to remove the plaster. Just tap it lightly to get behind the plaster and level it off. Be careful not to damage the bricks with the chisel or crow bar by tapping too hard. When you get to the ceiling and side walls ensure you neatly remove the plaster without damaging adjacent plaster.

Step 3

Once all the bricks are exposed the next step is to clean the bricks. Some people use acid to do this, but this can be messy and dangerous and not really required. Just some warm water and a sponge should be all you’ll need to clean the bricks. Wipe the dust off with the sponge regularly wringing it in the bucket. Repeat this 2 or 3 times replacing the water between each time until most of the dust has been removed from the bricks. If there are cracks or noticeable holes in the bricks now is your change to patch them with some cement. Small cracks and holes are fine, just ones that may impact the look of the wall.

Step 4

Sealing the wall. Various types of sealer are available for sealing bricks. Look out for brick sealers in particular. You can normally choose between gloss and matt with most people preferring a matt solution as it looks more natural. Follow the instructions on the can for applying the sealer, which normally suggest applying it 2 or 3 times. The sealer will also darken the appearance of the bricks with each coat.

Making Patio Furniture

If you opt for a metal framed patio set, then you will need to source the same type of metal. This will help you with the structure and the soldering process. With metal you will have to solder the pieces together so that it can be sturdy. To begin the process you will need to measure the parts and cut them to size. Make sure that you measure twice to avoid any mishaps with the length of the parts. Place all the parts in the order that you will join them. Double check this. Once you are sure of each part’s positioning then begin with soldering it together. Once the parts are together and you have all your patio seats, you can paint it the colour you desire. The metal patio set will prove to be hard and cold to sit on. For this you can simply measure the seating and back areas so that an upholsterer can make the cushions for you.

The wood option is usually more popular because it doesn’t rust and it is a cheaper alternative to the metal. In most cases, people find unused pallets and use it to create their own furniture masterpieces. With pallet wood you don’t have to start from scratch. You could simply take one pallet as it is, add four small legs on each corner, sand it and paint it to create an outdoor coffee table. You may want to add a glass top for a smooth surface. For the seats you will need to take the pallet apart in order to piece the wood together to make it sturdy. You will need a saw, hammer, nails and glue to achieve this. Again, make sure that you measure the length of the wood so that your patio seats are all the same size and are symmetrical. If you are happy with the measurements, then glue and nail the wood pieces together. You can paint the wood or varnish it for a natural appearance. Measure the seating and back area. Send those measurements along with your choice of material to the furniture manufacturer who can make it for you. That part you don’t have to make yourself, because sewing the cushions can be a bit tricky if you haven’t done it before.

House Decorating on Budget

Light up Jugs & Jars
This is a simple and adorable way to light up a space. You can find the necessary items, a string of lights and a clear jar or jug, nearly anywhere. My favorite place to find jugs and jars is the thrift store, this is where you will likely find one that is more unique. All you have to do to accomplish this fun look is to put a string of lights, floss or Christmas, in the jar then let it glow. This is a great and fun way to light up an area with little expense.

Hang Plates
This sounds obscure but if done well is so charming. To accomplish this all you have to do is find a smattering of plates-different sizes, patterns, even shapes and hang them on the wall. The only requirement is to make sure that each and every plate complement one another. You can hang these plates above a mantel, on a large empty wall or an entryway. If you search for plates that are unique but inexpensive, I’m talking thrift store here, this look will transform a room with little cost and effort.

Make a Wall Collage
This can be done in so many ways with such little cost. You can find unique picture frames at the thrift store and there are several free printouts on the internet. Your wall collage can include picture of friends and family or simply random printouts. The greatest part about a wall collage is that there really aren’t any guidelines. They can be scattered and random or meaningful and organized, the choice is yours.

Perfect Vanity

Not all bathrooms are created equally. Some and small, some are large and some have things like windows or awkwardly placed interior walls that you need to either remove or work around. Luckily there are a lot of different vanities that come in all shapes and sizes. For instance, there is a pedestal sink that takes up very little room but gets the job done. It is slim and practical and there is even space underneath for little shelves if you’d like to store items. You can even put in two if you want the two sink look but don’t have the room for a huge vanity.

Vanities that incorporate storage are always a great option if you have the room. Now you have somewhere to stash all the extras for the bathroom from towels to shampoo and from toilet paper to the hair dryer. Some have drawers and attached cupboards and some are streamlined and act just to hold the sink so you have a lot of leyway with the design and size depending on your needs and wants.

Vanities can go to the floor or hover above it depending on the style. If you are prone to flooding for example and are doing a bathroom in the basement, a vanity that sits above the floor can mean less headaches if you have a flood since it may not get wet at all. These are more modern, come in a variety of finishes and look quite grand hanging on the wall.

Trash To Treasure Crafts

Convert Old Cans into Kitchen Containers

Many of us leave the empty Paint cans or Oil cans in the back yard. But we can use them for many purposes. Convert them into a Kitchen container by treating them with necessary chemicals which detoxify them. Decorate them with a textured paint and use them to place cutlery and the kitchen related stuff.

Make Planters from empty Water and Wine bottles

As there is a surge in the vertical farming and roof farming activities, make use of the empty bottles to grow plants. Fill them with a fertile soil and suspend them from the roof of the wall. They can act as good plant holders.

Use Old Condiment jars as Toiletry Holders

If you are bored with the existing Condiment jars, then shift them to bathrooms. Before that clean them with water and air out. Plastic Jars can be used as brush stands.

Old Trousers as Wall Storage Units

This one is the most personalized craft. Use an old trouser to create a wall storage unit. Take scissors and shape the trouser into a wall hanger unit where one can store items in pockets of trousers. Nail them to the wall so that it can appear as a wall storage unit.

Tire Crafts

If you don’t find a way to dispose of your car tires, then reuse them but for a different purpose. Feeling Curious!

A Coffee Table can be carved out of old tires. There are many ways to create a coffee table using tires. Here I am going with the simple one.

Step 1- Paint the exposed parts of tires in contrasting colors and allow them to dry.

Step 2- Arrange them vertically in such a way that should hold a plank. Fix the plank by driving screws into the tire.

You can even make a seating option using tires.

Use Old Shoes

Don’t throw away old shoes, instead use them as planters. Colorful flowers can be grown in the colorful Shoe planters. Drill the sole of the shoe to provide the drainage. Apply Acrylic sealer to shoes to protect them from the environmental degradation.

Transform the Old TV Stand

Carve out a Kitchen Cart from an old TV stand, by following these steps.

  1. Check the TV stand for any damages. Repair the worn parts.
  2. If it is a wooden stand, then paint it with a heat-resistant material.
  3. Fix wheels to the legs of the stand and check its functionality.

Install A Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation

Actually, this type of irrigation makes sure that you don’t waste water or your hard-earned money due to spraying too much. If you install the drip irrigation system, your plants will get enough water in order to maintain their health. Therefore, we suggest that you install a good drip irrigation system for efficiency. This system is invisible. Moreover, it reduces the growth of weed and the evaporation of water.

When Should You Use a Drip Irrigation System?

A drip irrigation system is an ideal choice if you want to water your large shrubs, trees, flowerbeds, roses, vegetables and other plants. The reason is that these plants don’t need lots of water.

Aside from this, the system is a great option for areas with lots of wind since the water goes directly to the plants roots. Actually, this solution is a great alternative for areas that don’t get a lot of water. The installation of this system is quite easy. Actually, the installation involves three steps.

Installation of a Drip Irrigation System

The water source

You can use a sprinkler head, an outdoor faucet or a valve with automatic irrigation in order to connect to the source of water. Actually, connecting a faucet located outdoor is better if you want to water small flowerbeds or pot plants. The reason is that this is a quick method of connecting to the water source.

If you have a good underground irrigation system close to the area that you want to water, we suggest that you use a sprinkler head as a water supply source for your drip irrigation system.

Distribution of water

Once you have the water source ready, you can start distributing the water. This will involve laying out a tube network for carrying water to the desired areas. You can use ½ inch of tube for this purpose. For branch lines, you can use ¼ inch pipes. Based on the layout of your garden, you can make a grid pattern with the tube. Alternatively, you can make a customized pattern as well.

Watering the plants

Once you have got everything ready, you can just turn the supply on when required. With time, you will realize the benefits of this system.

The takeaway

Although the process is simple, we suggest that you hire a professional to get it installed properly. Actually, pros know how to get the job done without making costly mistakes. If you are unable to get something done properly, we suggest that you go to a good professional. This will help you avoid costly mistakes and save a good deal of money.

New Style of Basin

Changing the size or Shape

It is more complex when you decide to change the size or the shape of the wash basin, but it can be done. In fact, you may decide you would like to change both at the same time. A larger size means you will need to cut into the counter top to allow it to fit or change the counters. For a smaller size fit, you will need to change the countertops.

The same is true if you would like to change from one shape to another. The typical wash basin is round, but you can go with one that is square or long and skinny such as a rectangular shape. You can also go with a corner design. For the more dynamic changes, it is best to hire a contractor to do the work for you. They will have the tools and the expertise to get it done.

Explore the Possibilities

Always spend some time to explore the possibilities with wash basin changes. You want to be happy with the outcome. If you plan to do the work on your own, make sure you follow safety precautions and you secure the element in place correctly. You don’t want to have any errors that could result in damages or injuries.

Always go with high quality products, they will last much longer and look nicer. A cheaply made wash basin isn’t going to be durable and you will soon regret that purchase. The price doesn’t have to be incredibly high for you to be able to fit it into your budget. Compare prices, brand reputation, and even where you buy it from to ensure you get the best overall deal.

In addition to any style of set up you desire, you can also determine the colour of the product and what it is made from. You can go with a simple change that is similar to what you had or completely change the colour scheme. It all depends on what your final goal is for the look in that room. Rather than think of it as change, think of it as personalised upgrades!

This is a simple but effective change that can make your life easier and more efficient. At the same time, it can get rid of an older sinker that was an eyesore to look at or to replace one that shows its age. Going with something modern is a great idea and one of the easiest facelifts you can do in your home.

Place Rug Perfectly

Out of all the decor elements in the world, we are going to focus on rugs and how to place them just right in your bedroom, living room, dining room, kids room and at your outdoor space if you have an outdoor carpet.


It’s your primary space you may want to give your best shot here. Following is the list of the things you should take care of while placing a carpet in your bedroom.

Things to do:

1. A gap is an essential factor between your rug and the walls. This gap should be at least around half a metre to provide the much-needed breathing space.

2. Make sure that it starts just where you bed ends. If you have tables aside your bed, then it must begin right after them.

3. Ensure that the carpet protruding beyond the bed if placed beneath is in correct proportion on both sides to maintain the balance in your room.

Dining Room

One of the important rooms which requires a lot of practicality. Have a look at the key points to keep in mind while doing it for your dining room.

Things to do:

1. The first golden rule is to have the legs of your dining chairs well on the carpet. Just in case, you don’t have that extra-large rug, all you need to do is just try placing the front legs on it.

2. While deciding the size of the rug, just measure the entire dining set and the space they cover and keep in mind few centimetres for all four sides in spare.

3. It is recommended to opt for flat rugs as they are more practical for moving chairs. Also look for one which is easy to clean as food and drink spills is always going to be there.

Living Room

A lot of families spend majority of their time in living areas. Here is what to keep in mind while placing a rug in your living space.

Things to do:

1. The most important element amongst all is the size. Keep in mind that the size matters the most when it comes to placing a rug in your living area. Avoid opting for a ‘postage stamp’ sized rug in your living area. The bigger the size of your rug, the bigger your room would feel.

2. One common golden rule is to place your furniture’s legs over your rug for an added and enhanced visual appeal. To achieve this, it’s important that your rug should be large enough to have all four legs comfortably on it.

3. Just in case, the size is not that big, you can at least try placing the front two legs of your surrounding chairs over your carpet.

Kid’s Room

It’s paramount to understand how to place your rug right in your kid’s room, after all they are your loveliest possession. Here is a list of few important points which might help you do it the right way.

Things to do:

1. Decide the best spot where your kid spends most of his/her time. You would want to provide a perfect cushioning for your kid where he/she spends most of the time. It could be anything. A corner around the window, a place just aside the bed or any random spot. Keep in mind that you are here compromising with the look and feel of the room by providing a cushioning to your kid’s tender skin.

Easy Life Hacks

A leaky faucet is too irritating; it won’t let you sleep. So, how can you make the noise go away? The answer is quite easy. Simply take a thread, tie one end of the thread on the tip of the leaky tap and leave the other end on the faucet. Remember that the thread should go down from under the tap and not over the tap. The leaking water drop will flow down through the thread and there will be no noise. But, remember this is just a temporary solution. Ultimately, you have to get a plumber to fix the leakage.

It’s quite common that the dustbin bags become squishy because of the food juices. This makes the smell worse. So, how can you prevent that? The answer – put old newspaper at the bottom of the bin. It will absorb the food juices.

This is a common case with almost every household. Getting problems with sprinklers? No worries, make your own! All you need is a Pepsi bottle and loads of duct tapes. Put your water pipe inside the bottle and make the bottle air-tight by wrapping around loads of duct tape on the bottle’s neck and the pipe. Open the tap and let the bottle get filled. Just the moment it gets filled make some holes on the bottle using a pointed tool. That’s it you have your homemade sprinkler.

The answer is simple. Put your mobile phone in a zip lock bag, and mount the zip bag on the back of the seat in front of you; you can use some tapes to stick the bag. Make a hole in the bag and watch a movie, song, or whatever you like.

Not everyone is a chef and not everyone knows the art of separating yolk from egg white just by hands. Besides, you don’t want to get your hands dirty. But, the truth is anyone can easily separate yolk from egg white. Break the egg on a plate, get an empty Pepsi bottle and squeeze it a little. Turn the bottle upside down, bring it close to the egg yolk and slowly release the bottle. The yolk will automatically get inside the bottle as it get’s sucked in. There you have your egg white and yolk separated.

Perfect Toilet

Back in the day, a toilet was simply a hole in the ground. One day someone decided there should be seat so they carved a hole in a bit of wood and threw that over the hole. In Tudor England a public toilet was a series of holes in wood on a bridge. You’d simply sit down over a hole, do your business and get on with your day. The business would go into the water below. No muss, no fuss… until they realized where they were getting their drinking water from was also where people were relieving themselves and then they had to figure out a better way.

Years later and someone came up with the idea that a toilet should flush the waste away, and several designs later came the toilet that we are familiar with today. Of course throughout history they have changed in size and shape but the basic flushing mechanism remains unchanged. There are tall toilets and short ones, ones that have a round seat and those that have an oval one, ones that flush from the incorporated tank on the back and those older versions that have a tank way up the wall allowing gravity to play a bigger role.

In some parts of the world we see toilets that allow us to crouch over them, squat if you will with some people saying that this is the best and most effective way to do our business. Squat toilets are becoming more popular in North America now as people realize that you don’t have to strain so much and the squat is actually better than sitting in order to get the job done.